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These are outstanding, Frank. So many great moments captured. Beautiful emotion!

I like that you're posting big pics now on the blog.

Hugs to your precious family.

C.J. Scott

Bee-yoo-tee-ful!!! Oh the moments you capture, Frank...they're all so wonderul.

Mike Warren

Awesome wedding Frank! The couple looks like they are having a lot of fun! Really love those last 5 or 6 pictures!

regina holder

absolutely gorgeous images! i love the one of her laughing and of the couple with the baby. you always do such a fabulous job, frank!


beautiful images!!! love love LOVE the last one!


So I have to admit that I have been looking at your blog week after week and showing it off to all of my co-workers... all I can tell you is that I have NEVER cried from looking at photos, but your slide show editing and photos made the tears just fall from my eyes! (I had to laugh at myself because I don't even know these people!) I love looking at others as I showed them your site and their grins were from ear to ear as they INSISTED you knew these couples and they were family! How could I not want to talk to you further and have you as our photographer?!


you really captured the romance! i love the emotion you captured!


Frank those are sweet! I love the one of her laughing and the last one... adorable. :)

Jaci Clark

GORGEOUS images, Frank! I especially love the one of her laughing. What a great capture.
BTW...the lovely ladies of Flourish are hosting another workshop in Nov. :) It was FABULOUS and I highly recommend it! We joked about how many showers Erich had to take to wash off all the estrogen! LOL!


erich camping

Awesome man! It is great to see what you photographed! The wedding was so cool and the people were even more cool! The second to last image sums up the warmth of the family. Great job! Lets do it again soon my friend.


The bride is stunningly beautiful and the groom--how handsome he is. They are another great couple for you to help remember the most important day of their lives. It's good to see your work again, Frank. Breathtaking, as usual. All the best,


You've captured so many beautiful moments here, Frank, I'm not even sure where to start. I love the photo with the baby staring at you, as well as the one of Heidi just above it. I think my favorite though, is of Heidi & Scott laughing and wiping the cake off their noses! :) Heidi & Scott, I'm sure you will cherish these photographs forever-congratulations!


Gorgeous as usual, my friend! You really captured the emotion beautifully.

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