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As always, your images truly grab the viewer and brings them to a time and place that can only be explained as deja-vu. I LOVE the images you created from this wedding and truly felt like I was right there with everyone experiencing the joy and excitement of this awesome day. In a word...FANTASTIC.

Awesome Frank!

PJ Santos-Sherry

Thank you so much for these beautiful photos. Steve is a very dear friend of mine from SU. Unfortunately, my husband and I were not able to attend Steve and Marti's wedding. Your photos really made me feel like I was there and I could sense the love, joy and happiness from this weekend. You are truly gifted at your craft.


Hey Frank!

I know I have not posted in a while but I have been following the images all the same. I wish I had been at this wedding! Marti, Steve and their families are all beautiful and it looks like the time was truly magnificent. Thanks for sharing your talent. I hope all is well with you and the New Year is off to a fantastic start.


Mike Warren

Great captures and beautiful images Frank! Looks like they were having a blast!


Oh Frank, these are all just simply breathtaking. So fabulous - what a beautiful day. Your photos always make me wish I could meet your clients - they all look and sound so wonderful!

Love the larger photos too!


Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into Marti and Steve's wedding! The proof of your ability and care is evident in these photos. The fact that Marti and Steve are two of the greastest people in the world was not lost in your photos. You have done a fantistic job with these photos and your dialog is also excellent. Love the new format, lot of hard work involved, i'm sure. Again, thank you. Thank you.

Alison & Joey Hartstein

Frank - your work is gorgeous (not to mention you had a beautiful couple to work with). You caught all the love and emotions that filled the special day. Just lovely!

Tony Yu

Hey there Frank!

I believe creamy would be the right word to describe your work. Love it! Can't wait to shoot alongside of you. And love the new look. (can we have those pics even bigger?)


Frank - WOW! These are truly some of the most spectacular photos I have ever seen. I love the way you see things unfolding and then "poof" - capture it exactly the way it was happening! What a fun weekend it was and what a perfect way to recollect all our memories. (and you are most welcome for the help - you made it pretty easy to stir up the wind!) AND, I LOVE the shot of me on the blog - didn't know I could look so elegant! Hope all is well with you, take care, and thanks for your hard work that weekend and for getting these done for M&S. We all look forward to seeing ALL the shots (and the ones that Shai took)!

Aunt Arlene

Frank, I was THERE in the Finger Lakes for the wedding weekend and thought that I remembered everything. But you proved me wrong - your slideshow was a beautiful review of a wonderful warm weekend. You captured Marti and Steve perfectly and all their relatives and guests as well. Thank you for working your magic... Arlene.

lisa carpenter

Frank, these are GORGEOUS!!! Love the new bigger images:)


I really appreciate and thank you for the wonderful comments. You all have a special place in my heart, and it really means the world to me to be able to read about your feelings. Our time together was extraordinary, and I look forward to the day our paths cross again. We should do a photo session every year! (:

C.J. Scott

Awesome show once again! Definitely fantastic jewelery shots too!

Gail Narciso

WOW!!! Frank, you are amazing! The photos are gorgeous.
It was also really nice to read your comments about Marti and Steve. They are very very special. Thank you for capturing such a wonderful life changing event in such a lovely way.
Looking forward to seeing more of your art in the future.
Gail, Steve's Mom

Mom (Tonia)

Dearest Frank:

Had a little twinge today of really missing my daughters, so I decided to sneak a peak at your blog just to see if the Posts were posted. EUREKA! I knew this would be worth the wait, but it's off the charts! Scrolling just through the opening page was so much fun, then during the slideshow I was mesmerized! Your talent to help us relive the beauty of the wedding is manifested over and over, because you enable us to experience again the beauty, the laughter, the "lumps in the throat." I cannot define how connected we feel to you; you have thrilled us all with these pictures, yet the personal friendship you offered resonates even deeper. God bless you, Frank. We love you and the ability you've been given, and it's a privilege to call you friend.



PS (thanks for pics especially of us and Rachel, too!)

Marti Bledsoe Post

Oh, Frank, one more thing ... LOVE the new blog format!! It's so nice to see the larger images one at a time. And thank you for all the nice things you said about us, we feel the same about you! Thank you!

Marti Bledsoe Post

Dear Frank,
You know Steve and I both specialize in words. But for something like this, there just aren't enough words in enough languages to let you know the depth of our gratitude.

You have given us moments from our wedding that we never saw when they happened, and now we can treasure them forever. You have given us memories and feelings and tears and smiles and thoughts from that day that was such a blur, and now we will never lose them, thanks to you. You gave us a look at what was happening not only in our hearts and souls that day, but in the hearts and minds and souls of our precious family and friends around us. And as if that isn't gift enough, you have given us your friendship and talked to us about your vision and your craft and your passion, and we are all the richer for it.

Gracias. Merci beaucoup. Grazie. Danke. Thank you.

Kelly Park

Frank, these are GREAT! You caught some awesome emotion and a beautiful ring shot! :)

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