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C.J. Scott

Frank...looooved the slideshow!!! I had a big smile on my face while seeing all those great reception dancing images. I even laughed out loud at a few of the many awesome moments you captured! Fantastic as usual, friend :)

Cliff, Tangi & Bali Summers

These images take us back to a most wonderful day. Thanks for stirring such beautiful memories.

Mike Warren

Awesome once again Frank! Love the dance dip, the dress, the little girl on the square, and the beautiful bride close crop! Wishing you the best for 2008!

jason groupp

Frank - that shot of Nora (third shot on the right/top) is so beautiful! Stunning. Right on dude, great sunset too...

Jean and Ted Jenes

What an amazing job you did capturing the emotions of the day! The photos of Eric and Nora are simply stunning and provide a vivid reminder of all the love and joy shared on this most special of days. Thank you for bringing these wonderful memories to life through your incredible work.

Nora Salvatore

Frank! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am overwhelmed by the slideshow - you've brought me right back to that day. Eric and I, and our family and friends, can't thank you enough for capturing our joy. We are so lucky to have your images - many, many thanks!

Marti Bledsoe Post

These are gorgeous! I love the dancing and family shots because so much energy comes through ... looks like it was a very fun-filled wedding!

erich camping

Franky!!! Happy New Year! What a way to start 2008! Sweet images! Wishing you all the best in 08'!


I just noticed your friends blogs on the side of your blog. There's a lot of great names there. I'm gonna have to check some of these out! Thanks Frank!


Right On Frank!! Great work as usual. I hope our paths can cross one of these days at WPPI or something. Would love to meet you. Hope you're well!

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