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Jaci Clark

WOW! Gorgeous images. I have serious location envy. Those are some really cool places!


Dan Watkins

duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude...niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice work! :) miss ya bud!

The Storyteller

Love the photo of them with their eyes closed. Aren't engagements the coolest?

C.J. Scott

I sure feel the love in these images!!! So beautiful.


what a fun shoot! love all the colors!

Lynn from Chris+Lynn

I love how you capture the emotion and connection of your couples so well. Beautiful images (and the ones with the stairs are fun too!).

Jefferson Todd

Hey Frank! These are great! That last one through the windows is wonderful and I can tell they had a wonderful time at the session.

Miss you!

Adam Squier

I love the one on the steps up to the school. And your use of lines to draw the eye is fantastic -- but I wouldn't expect anything less.

You made them look so happy. Maybe they were anyway -- in that case you captured it. And it looks like Michelle and Jeff approve. Always a treat.

Airika Pope

I love the photos on the stairs--so creative. Way to go Michelle for breakin' the rules a bit. Your photos were well worth it! I can't wait to see your wedding images. :)

erich camping

Frank!!! Man you are good! Your images are so technically perfect, yet you can still infuse them with art...awesome!


Wow Frank! This looked like a really fun and creative shoot, so many cool places and an energetic couple. I really love the one of their faces in profile and the one walking up the stairs. I never knew Syracuse was so vibrant!


WOW Frank! I love these images!!
Totally Creative! Your work is so inspiring. Thank you!!

J Sandfierj

Hey Frank! I think this is one of my favorite sessions of yours. Looks like you are hitting your stride!!


These shots are awesome- thank you so much, Frank! We were so excited to see them all and have been going through them one by one for the last hour :-) We can't wait for the wedding and to be able to have you "work your magic" again!

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