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i love how you processed the 1st one and on the 2nd it looks like he's saying "I only have eyes for you" awwwww... Nice set!

C.J. Scott his eyes in the second shot and nice use of light overall! It *is* awesome finding new places to shoot hey? Great job :)

erich camping

Beer, waterfall, matching shirt and flowers color, lens flare and Frank DiMeo! That is one sweet day! Excellent!

Mike Warren

Awesome series again Frank!

Ariel Schaffer

Thank you thank you thank you! These pictures are so beautiful and I can't stop looking at them. You did such a fantastic job of capturing us and how much we love each other and the beauty of Cornell. Our wedding can't come fast enough so we can capture more fantastic memories together.

Airika Pope

These are beautiful. Your work continues to be an inspiration for me. Did you shoot with the 85 1.2 lens? I love the depth of field, either way!

I totally hear you on the hard work and determination. We would be crazy to do this if we didn't love it so much!

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