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Neil Cowley

Got to love that Indian food, I love it when my clients take me out. The city is great for engagements too isn't it!! Great to hear in your voice that the doctors haven't taken your sense of humor, and zest for life! Keep putting it through in the photos.


Miss you Frank! You are such a must have!!


WOW! Those street shots are fantastic. I love the color and the slight blur of the passersby. Sweet DiMeo magic!

Heather Ahrens

Awesome photos as always! Are you going to be in Tampa for Imaging?


You know you're a rockstar right?! gee whiz.

jason groupp

Frank - OMG, that shot on top of the roof with the Empire State building is to die for! EPIC!

You continue to raise the bar my friend! 24-25-26 stories and counting! :)

Tony Yu

Frank wow! love the roof top, and times square and ... all of them :) can't wait to shoot together!

Marti Bledsoe Post

I'm going to have to stop watching these slide shows at the office, because I get choked up every time! What beautiful energy you catpured! I love the Times Square shots, especially in the crosswalks with the other people walking by and your couple standing still in time. Great job!

Courtney Fries

Frank these are amazing shots! Awesome inspire me!

Paul Eaton

Great stuff Frank!
Really cool that you found a rooftop in NYC, it is always a hurdle to find one!

Gisela Prishker

Nice Images Great work

TJ Cameron

Frank great series man! those rooftop shots are awesome!

Lucky Red Hen

Hye Jin and Ashish are such a gorgeous couple! Your captures show them so much in love and happy. I bet their wedding will be AMAZING with all the culture, color and festivities. Do let me know if I can help while you're in Seattle!
Shannon :o)
Lucky Red Hen

Hye Jin Chang

Frank -
The pictures are fabulous! We have been waiting so anxiously and it was worth it! I have been playing the slideshow over and over again. These pictures make me love Ashish even more! Thank you so much for capturing the moments.

Hye Jin

C.J. Scott

So awesome how this couple found you :) Yeah, isn't it incredibly overwhelming shooting in the city? So much variety and cool places to shoot! Beautiful job with this couple, Frank!! I'm sure they're going to have an awesome wedding!


Wow Frank! Talk about energy! These are amazing! I love them all!

erich camping

Awesome job Frank! I love the third image! Great use of space!!!


Frank, I just wanted to say BEAUTIFUL WORK!!!
I LOVED the slideshow.
Very lucky couple to have you photograph them!!!!

Sarah Rhoads

Frank, great job buddy. these look awesome. I love the unique angles you are using :)


Can't get any sweeter than that! If the engagement session is this good, sure can't wait for the wedding picts! Thanks for the inspiration!

Mike Warren

Awesome shots! I love how into it/each other they appear to be! And what a whirlwind day!

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