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ooo I love the one of her legs. Great work!

Rob Munroe

Dude, That was awesome, there are so many great images there. And the slide show is almost as long as the wedding. LOL Great work Frank Thanks for sharing.

Lori Barbely

Talk about Niiiiiice! How are you my friend?++

Shawn Reedder

Wow Frank!!! You sure get some great weddings and do AMAZING work!! Love so many of these images!!

Autumn Thomes

WOW is right! I love all of these, but my favorites are the first few of the bride and the close up of the hands. Totally inspiring!

Mike Wise

You are awesome Frank! I love your work. ++

Lucky Red Hen

What beautiful wedding pics! Love all the details and your lighting is so sneaky (it's not noticeable)! Thanks for leaving me blog luv... you're so niiiice (and an amazing photographer).

Beth Crook

I love these images! The colors are amazing and you truly captured the emotions of the day. Great work!


WOW,WOW,WOW!! Truly stunning images Frank! You are so flippin talented! I'll be checking in regular for inspiration!

Alyssa Lang

Wow, those are ridiculously beautiful! Your color is totally spot on! ++


Frank this is my first time coming to your blog. I don't know if I can handle the pain though, my jaw hurts from hitting the floor. Wow really does not do the pictures justice they are amazing. You are so blessed to see such a wonderful ceremony and from your words crossing paths with a beautiful family inside and out. I really love #2 & 6. I will definitely be back.++

C.J. Scott

Soooo many awesome portraits here, Frank!! Tons of favourites from the slideshow!!


Fraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank! I remember when you told me about this wedding last summer, and I know how excited you were about it then - to see the results is just AMAZING! So stunning - you guys did a fabulous, fabulous job!

Colin Michael

Awesome work Frank! Sofie's comments above show just what an awesome job you do not only creating images but working with people. Fantastic!

Kelly Park

Frank...these are beautiful. Your work is amazing!
~Kelly :)

Amy Martin

SO SO SO gorgeous Frank! You rocked this one out!


WOW, Frank! These are outstanding! Great portraits, fantastic moments...I wouldn't expect anything less. That's some pretty serious arm and leg feet painting!

It's so nice to see so many of your brides leaving comments. You are a true artist.

Peace and Love.

tomas flint

yeah frankie!!!

niiiiiicce images. looks like an amazing day...and another amazing job by the amazing frank dimeo. are we gettin together soon or what???


Frank, these picture are amazing. I have to admit I have become a Frank Dimeo blog junkie. I check back so often and have watched the same slideshows over and over again. I just love getting lost in your images. I am really excited to be working with you for my wedding.

Airika Pope

Wow. Awesome work. And what an honor to have a bride say what Kelly said above...that they would've changed their date for you. Way to go! Thanks for being such an inspiration.


Frank, I just spent the last half hour looking through your blog and getting really excited for our wedding! I am especially impressed by this wedding's photos though--stunned, really. You did an amazing job, and I can't wait to meet you as soon as we're back from Chile and Russia and see some more of your awesome work. Looking forward to all of it...



Frank, totally awesome images - the lot of them!! Stunning bride & groom. You really rocked this wedding and you should be very proud of these images :) Right now, I'm going to get breakfast & sit back and watch the slideshow! (can't begin to imagine how long the editing took you!!)

The Bride

We should be saying, "Frank and Shai... WOW!" We knew from before we got engaged that Frank had to be the photographer for our wedding - there was no doubt in our minds! We would've been willing to change the date of our wedding in order to ensure that he was available.

Frank, what can I say except thank you!!! The images you captured in the slide show are so beautiful. You have such a way getting just the right expression at just the right time. I can't wait to see what other magic you have hidden under your sleeve.

It was such a pleasure working with you again - from the engagement shoot to 3 full days of wedding events... you never lost your energy or spark! You're truly one of a kind, and I hope that our paths do cross again!

Trust me when I say, I'll recommend you to anyone who will listen to me!!


The Groom

Every think looks great Frank. I know you have a lot of work ahead of you but we really appreciate you pulling together the slide show and all the images. It has been amazing to share the link with family and friends to let them see what you and Shai were able to capture. The both of you did a great job and we look forward to seeing all the other images.

Thanks again for all your hard work on this.

Jose Roces Photography

Amazing work Frank. You're very talented. Keep up the great work.
Aloha from Hawaii,

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