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Luke Walker

big time congrats to becky and rob! im stoked to see the wedding pictures after such an awesome engagement shoot :) im glad that album was the talk of the town too frank!

beautiful stuff as always.

Airika Pope

Frank, what beautiful imagery and even more, what a moving story. It is so encouraging when couples take the time to write what's really on their hearts. You certainly did not disappoint! I look forward to seeing more of your work!

Marti Bledsoe Post

Your work is always amazing. You introduced us to Becky and Rob first through their engagement shoot and then Becky and I got to email back and forth about all things bridal. By the time we looked at these wedding shots, we felt like we knew them both and like we were part of their day. Thanks for letting all your couples share in all the pictures.

Becky and Rob,
Congratulations again on your wedding. It looks like it really was the happiest day of your lives. Best always,
Marti & Steve


Wow, Frank! What a great letter from the bride!!! Paste that on your wall next to your computer...seriously!

The images are amazing. I especially love the ones with the bride sitting in the bench. And the one with her mom lifting her veil is really cool too. They're all great!


C.J. Scott

Wow, Frank...these are gorgeous. That first shot is truly outstanding!

Becky Bean

Frank - these are soooooo beautiful. Thank you a million times for everything. We haven't talked much since the wedding, but you know that we had a blast, right? I'm so happy that you were with me that day - it was busy, but you made it so chill and easy. Thank you.

We also owe you a huge thanks for all your help with vendors. I couldn't have been happier with our venue, our officiant, Janet Shortall, my hairdresser, Mena at Julie Stone, and the catering from Simply Red Bistro! But that's all thanks to you, b/c you know how clueless I was about how to put together wedding at first. And your advice was always perfect.

Our pictures are amazing, thank you so much, Frank. Rob and I watched our slideshow and we were right back to that day...we love it. I told you not to worry about taking some time to get the images to us -- I know how crazy your schedule is and I *knew* it would all be worth the wait! Rob and I are lucky to have found you, Frank. Back when I started the process, I didn't realize it, but you are clearly a steal, baby.

And the album you put together of the engagement shoot was so awesome! Frank, seriously, everybody was talking about it and it made the coolest guest book!!!!! I love you Frank!

I hope you're well and happy (and getting lots of good sleep!), and thank you again. For all the crazy, cool, amazing work you do, and for being you.

Chris Humphreys

Wow Frank!

Haven't checked out your blog in a while, and it's totally my loss! :)

Great stuff here! Keep up the amazing work!

I hope we get to catch up in person at WPPI!

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